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What is this?

Every now and then, I find something interesting that I want to share.

Web and Application Development


  • Sublime Text -- This has been my go-to code editor for the past 10yrs. I am sticking with v3 for a little while.
  • Navicat -- This has been my go-to database client for the past few years. It is just kind of expensive
  • TablePlus -- Great budget alternative to Navicat
  • Docker -- Good alternative to Vagrant or Valet
  • Postman -- API client that is pretty good when building out your back-end
  • MacDown -- My go-to markdown editor
  • Duet -- How I use my iPad as a second monitor for work (Yes, I know that Sidecar exists)
  • iTerm2 -- A really good upgrade from the native macOS terminal
  • CSV to JSON / JSON to CSV Converter -- Worth the $4 if you need to convert a large JSON file to CSV
  • VitePress -- The spiritual successor to VuePress

AI / ML Software

  • MindMac -- I think that this is a better alternative to Ollamac and MacGPT. It is a graphical interface for both Ollama and ChatGPT. It can also do image generation using things like Dall-E.
  • Open WebUI -- A ChatGPT-Style Web Interface for Ollama that runs locally in Docker
  • Ollama -- A good way of running LLMs locally on your mac
  • Liner -- A free tool that lets you train your ML models
  • Pinokio -- You can use this to run things like ComfyUI and Stable Cascade locally
  • Scikit-learn -- If you are trying to train an ML model in Python, this is a great tool.


  • Macbook Pro -- It is what I use for both my job and my side work. For LLM work, get at least an M1Pro and 32 GB of RAM. You will thank me later.
  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse -- Ergonomics is super important in this field


  • Render -- How I host a lot of my stuff
  • Heroku
  • Github -- I know that a lot of people like Gitlab but there are more people on GitHub
  • Cloudflare -- A freemium reverse proxy service that does a lot to protect your websites
  • IFTTT -- Good for connecting services like Twitter, RSS feeds, WordPress, etc together
  • Pipedream -- It is kind of better than IFTTT
  • Jetpack -- Running wordpress? You would be stupid to not use this.


Learning Resources





  • Unsplash -- A good colection of free stock photos
  • Coverr -- A good colection of free stock video

CSS Resources


Random Useful Projects

  • CORS Anywhere -- It acts as a reverse proxy and adds CORS headers to the proxied request

Random Interests



  • Google Fi -- It's great because you can get 10 free data sims

Learning Resources

  • ACI Learning [ITPRO] -- I bought a year of this during a black friday sale, a while back. It's nice.

Travel Hacking

  • Scott's Cheap Flights -- Tell them where you want to travel from and to and they will shoot you an email when there is a cheap price on airfare
  • FareDrop -- Very similar to Scott's, above
  • Skyscanner -- Skyscanner is a search engine for airfare instead of a notification service. It lets you browse destinations and dates to find the best price.
  • Momondo -- Very similar to Skyscanner